Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Blond Moment

This was just too priceless not to share.Yesterday during my Study Skills class, I was getting my cell phone ready to time the kids for our reading exercise. I was explaining to the students what we would be doing, when I looked down and my cell phone was gone. I asked the kids if they had seen it, and they said no. My students can be pranksters so I wasn't sure I believed them.

So I called another staff member into the room and asked if she would call my cell so we could find it. Well, we heard it ring, and my students and I are looking for the phone, but none of us could find it. It was like the phone was locked in another dimension just to annoy us.

Well, this gal had to call my phone four times! just so we could find it. I finally found it in the teacher's manual that I had just closed prior to this exercise and put it on my shelf. Ugh!!!! We laughed so hard at my foible!

Then the kids convinced me to give them some of my chocolate since I was basically accusing them of taking it. So it all ended in a light-hearted, chocolate-filled morning. Sheesh!

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