Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More Reflections on Youthful Glow

In my previous post on Youthful Glow I shared each pose that Yoga Journal had published in its Master Class section of the periodical. Now, I'm just going to share my feelings after each day of practice rather than going into each individual asana.

Sunday I was stiff! I had taken Saturday off due to the fact we were running around, and quite frankly did not make the effort to take 15 minutes out of my busy day. What I noticed is that my shoulders stiffened again. I tried to remain optimistic by reassuring myself that this is a process: some good days, some days where I need to practice more self love. Sunday was one of those days.

Monday I felt sooooo good that I practiced the sequence again in the evening! Too much of a good thing? I don't think so. It just reaffirmed what I felt on Sunday: some days good, some days challenging.

Tuesday OK, so today I squirmed in the Supported Shoulderstand with a chair. For some reason, my lower back did not like the chair today. My cushion either wasn't positioned right, or I may just have had one of those more challenging day.

But overall I have to say! My upper back pain is not so intense as it has been. I can sit at the computer for longer stretches now without having to take physical breaks. I really do love this sequence!

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