Saturday, February 23, 2013

Exercises to Combat Overuse of Muscles

OK, so I was out of commission for 3-4 weeks this past month due to an over zealous ego of mine and a body that wasn't willing to cooperate as far as I thought it should. I was in my wonderful Power Yoga class feeling ever-so limber and strong, and I decided to fly a bit higher in crow pose than I ever had before. Well my lower back and shoulders knocked my ego into submission. So after an MRI, a couple of therapeutic rounds of an anti-inflammatory, physical therapy, and daily use of a posture shirt I'm on the road to recovery.

It amazes me that every time I experience trauma (of any kind actually) I find such gifts in the aftermath. For example, the posture shirt I've been wearing is very comfortable, I wish they sold them in cute styles that I could wear by themselves and not under my regular clothing. (If any of you happen to know of some brand that does have snazzy styles, I'd love to hear from you.) And my shoulders are feeling much stronger and more relaxed. But what I think I like most of all is this Foam Roller I got from my physical therapist. My muscles feel like they have lengthened as a result, and in turn have been far more agreeable to me!

So in my effort to take my exercise to new levels, I've overdone it yet again. But this has also been a reminder to listen more closely to my body and be respectful of it and its limitations. Namaste.


Kevin said...

Hey Amy,

I came across your blog reading about your experience going gluten free...I noticed that you talk about chronic pain in some of your postings. I had chronic pain for years until I found the work of John Sarno. After years of pain, I am completely pain free now...his books might be helpful to you. Below is the link to one of his books. If you want more info, I can send you an email.

Amy Whelan said...

Thank you, Kevin, for the information on John Samo's book. I am always looking for different resources to study and learn more about. The mindbody connection is an amazing and mysterious topic. The more I learn, it seems, the less I know...if that makes sense. We process everything in our world through a narrow filter: our mind. Everything we think, feel, intuit, linked somewhere in our bodies. I'm sure this author has much to say on that. Thank you for the link. Namaste.