Monday, May 12, 2014

My Dream Yoga Retreat

I have been looking into treating myself to a yoga retreat for my 50th birthday. I haven't been too dedicated since I have a year and a half to plan it. But last week, I found the perfect place advertised in the May edition of Yoga Journal. Before I tell you about that, I have to share with you a fantasy about the future I've been having.

A basic-style yurt
When I retire, I have this vision of becoming a certified yoga instructor who works with people with chronic pain. As a chronic pain sufferer myself, I know the benefits of yoga and how it can calm down even the worst pain. So I was telling my husband about having a house with a large piece of land that I could turn into a yoga retreat. I would like to have 3-5 yurts on the land to accommodate up to 15 people. One of the yurts (the biggest one) would be a dedicated yoga studio. Of course we'd need enough capital to get this started, but again, this is just a dream, and if we have a windfall of sorts, this is what I'm going to do.

OK, now back to what I found in the Yoga Journal. They listed the best retreats they found, and you know? This one happens to be in my home state! But better than that, it is a place where you garden and learn to live organically and fully. AND they have tents or YURTS! Man! I just found the perfect spot when quite frankly, I wasn't looking. It just appeared, and now I know. This place, Stonehouse Farm in Paw Paw, IL is just amazing! Check it out! It is also very economical. I can't wait to spend the weekend or a few days more nourishing my body and soul. This place is definitely calling out to me.

Hope all you mothers out there were spoiled rotten on Mother's Day. I know this mother was. Namaste.

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