Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK and Yoga

My son had a project over the weekend that required him to develop a poster of The Bill of Rights and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On the poster, he showed how MLK fought (non-violently, of course) to create equality among all people, all races, and maintaining dignity while standing up for civil rights. He had to show (using pictures) the right way for people to stand up for their civil rights, and how, even though protests were peaceful, their civil rights were violated.

This made me think, was MLK a yogi? I would have to say yes! He was able to promote non-violence, and access his soul's desire beautifully. Anyone who hasn't seen Dr. MLK's "I Have a Dream Speech", needs to rectify this immediately. I cannot watch this without crying and feeling enlightened. The beauty in his voice could only be expressed by accessing his soul and breathing in light and inspiration. Today, let's live in equanimity and light. Namaste.

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