Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reflections on Dolphin Pose

I found this terrific youtube clip that really gets your shoulders ready for the dolphin pose and the forearm balance. This gal, Esther, shows an easy (really it is!) step-by-step sequence to do the dolphin pose safely. Then at the end she beautifully demonstrates how to hop up into a forearm balance.

I found all the sequences leading up to the dolphin pose really invigorating. My legs and arms were shaking by the time that part of the sequence was over, but it really gave me the confidence that someday I will be able to hop up into a forearm pose. Try it out--you may just like it!!! Namaste


Kathryn at Good Life Road said...

I used to do dolphin and forearm balance at the height of my practice (pre-child). I had forgotten about the simplicity of this pose though for regaining shoulder and overall upper body strength which I'd really like to do so I'm going start working this into my morning routine. Thanks!

Amy Whelan said...

I started putting this into my practice, and the first day or so, my shoulders really ached--not in a bad way though--and my continued efforts I know will pay off. Thanks for the comment, Kathryn!