Saturday, January 7, 2012

Speaking From the Heart

Ever have one of those moments where you take a chance and shared what is in your heart? Maybe it's something that makes you look childish?

Well, I did that this morning with my hubby. I became very insecure about a situation and told him how I felt. I didn't understand the rational reason for the way I was feeling. I could feel that deep inside was the answer to the insecurity, but it just wouldn't seem to surface.

After a bit of frustration, and yeah, some tears, the reason popped out! I was amazed! It was basically a fear of loss! Such a base human emotion. Funny, I sometimes feel that I'm above this very visceral emotion, but BAM! it just goes to show that we all are really, truly human right down to the core. You know what felt good tho'? The release! And, of course, having a wonderfully compassionate husband who allows me to be a childish tantruming child when I need to and still loves me unconditionally. I am truly blessed.

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