Sunday, March 18, 2012

Para Yoga with Rod Stryker

Yesterday, March 17 on St. Patrick's Day, my friend, Mary K. and I went to the Para Yoga Conference with Rod Stryker. The conference was held in downtown Chicago. We got there early so as to avoid the St. Patrick's Day party goers on their way to the city.

We parked and got to the Loyola building. The conference was held on the 13th floor (I loved that!) in a beautifully ornate conference room with vaulted ceilings and windows. The atmosphere was light and relaxed. Just what I needed to counteract the excitement outside.

Rod started with an hour lecture, which really peaked my interest. Having brought no paper, I took notes on the last few blank pages in his book The Four Desires which I've mentioned in previous postings.

The rest of the morning was filled with beautiful asanas to get our muscles warmed up for deep stretching. I was amazed that my body was so in tune with his instruction. I felt alive and strong!

After lunch we continued with more lecture and asanas with just the right balance...Rod would take his cues from the group: He allowed time for us to ask him questions, and he graciously agreed to sign my book, even when the ink ran out of my pen. He seemed to want to give all of us as much attention as we needed.

Other than the fact that Chicago and I are not friends--the hustle and bustle is definitely not for me--I'd gladly return there to visit Rod Styker and Mia Park.


Jen Vincent said...

Yay! Sounds like fun! I forgot you would be fighting St. Patrick's Day traffic. Glad you made it. It makes such an amazing difference when an author/mentor takes time to spend with you. What a great story. Seems like an awesome experience! Jen V.

Amy Whelan said...

Next time, you'll come! See you Wednesday!

mia park said...

it was great meeting you!