Monday, April 30, 2012

A Fun Survey

One of my favorite bloggers, Kathryn, at Good Life Road invited me to participate in a fun survey. I posted it to her blog as well as here. Join in and post your responses to this blog and hers. Have fun!

1.Excluding now, what was the best, most fun, or most satisfying time of your life? Why?
That would have to be a general answer since I have so many examples. The time that I enjoy the most are the days I spent exploring new experiences with my children and husband. My oldest son exudes excitement through is bouncy mannerisms—believe me, you cannot help getting excited when you experience his excitement, and my youngest shows his enthusiasm with his infectious laugh and wonderful sense of humor.

2. If you could do anything for a vocation regardless of what it paid (say you didn’t need the money) what would it be?
I would definitely become a yoga instructor. I would focus my teachings on how to life a full life and how to manage and live with chronic pain. Yoga has helped me so much...I want to give back!
3. What is one non-profit or charity organization that is dear to your heart? We have a no-kill shelter called TAILS in our town.  Why? They do extraordinary work. What sets them apart? They never turn animals away (also injured wildlife will be cared for and returned to the wild). They have many families that foster dogs and cats that need homes. They have a spay/neuter program as well. I appreciate that they always put the animals first. They take animals from emergency situations all over the U.S. They may not have the room, but they WILL find a way to care for these animals. And it is ALL non-profit.

4.If you could have a second home anywhere in the world and you could travel to and from free of charge, where would it be? My husband took me to San Francisco years ago, and I’ve never forgotten the beauty and the culture of the place! That’s where I’d like to spend a weekend. The highlight of that trip was buying peanuts in the shell and sitting in Golden Gate park feeding the squirrels. They would sit next to you and eat. I even had one crawl on me. I was careful not to touch the squirrel since they are wild, but they felt totally comfortable in the presence of people. (Unfortunately that can be dangerous for children who may not exercise caution around wild animals!)

5. If you’re feeling blue, or lonely, what are your favorite self-comforting activities? I love to get a cup of coffee and a good book and curl up on the couch, epsom salt baths in my claw-foot tub, or quiet meditation/yoga. One of these three will usually allow me to be more present with the rest of the day.

6.What is one big lesson-for-life that has personal meaning for you that you want to teach your child/children or that you just wish you had known sooner? That each individual learns and experiences the world differently through different filters.  Patience must be taught so that each child can learn and grow without fear of criticism. Once a child understands how he works, it becomes a treasure.

7.What are three things on your “bucket” list?
Become a certified yoga instructor, travel to the ocean with my husband and two boys, and just be a part of life even as I grow old.

8. Are you right or left handed? Right

9. What is your preferred method for getting in/staying in shape? Yoga

10.Describe your ideal vacation.
We would wake up early and drive to our destination. We would stop along the way to visit anything we wanted to that caught our interests (without concern about time). Enjoy each site to its fullest, then either find accommodations or rent a yurt! I prefer vacations that offer a little surprise along the way. I do not have any interest in the high-budget vacations such as cruises or guided tours of different countries.

11.What is a favorite place you’ve been to in your travels? My favorite place to visit is somewhere by water that has a lot of hiking trails. My sister’s home in GA with her family offers many of these fun activities as does the east coast and of course the west coast.  

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