Saturday, April 21, 2012

My First Zumba Class

This morning I took a Zumba class. What fun it was! The class featured Latin music with a flair! I know it will take me a few times to get the routines down--not sure my hips can do all the wiggling that's required. I'm sure to find my stride after a couple of sessions.

After the class I spoke with the instructor about becoming a Zumba teacher. I was surprised that it only takes an 8-hour class to become certified to teach it. Something to look into if I find my groove.

I also liked that people (me included) adapted the moves to fit the individual. I kept my feet close to the ground (no jumping for me and my weak bladder--sheesh!), but maybe in time I can add a little bounce to my step. Any Zumba teachers out there? What do you think of the program? Just curious, here!

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