Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Moving Forward

Living in the Midwest can be wonderful--the changes of seasons, especially fall with its beautiful colors and cool weather. However, it has its drawbacks to be sure. One of these drawbacks is the unpredictability of the weather patterns. This winter has been surprisingly mild by comparison, and this spring has been pretty warm. Although the last couple of weeks the Midwest has seen a decrease in the temperatures and an increase in my pain. I feel old lately. Moving around, doing yoga, working, it  has all become a chore, and of course with all of that, my depression takes hold of me again.

I spoke with a colleague (as well as a good friend) who was able to get me back on track. She reminded me that this weather is temporary and it's OK to have a bad day (or week). I also have to remember that there are many people who have medical issues way beyond mine. Many of these people show up for life and continue with their heads held high. So with that in mind, I will hold my head high, get through this slump, and remember that sunny, warm days are ahead.

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