Thursday, August 9, 2012

Youthful Yogini is Now 1 Year Old!

I just realized this morning as I was on hold with my vision care insurance company that it has been one year since I've started this blog, Youthful Yogini. This has given me a "hard" copy of my journey since last year.

It seems so often in life that we go by, day by day, on autopilot. Our morning rituals before heading out the door, working our allotted time, and then heading off for errands, or whatnot, before we go home and start the evening rituals. This blog, however, has enabled me to stop and examine certain situations and reflect on them. If I felt they had a good lesson, then I blogged about it. For example, my post on Weaving Imperfection into Life helped me to put the remodeling of my bathroom into perspective.

I also looked back and saw indications that I hadn't managed my pain before it got out of control. This prompted me to put together my Tips for Managing Chronic Pain. This continues to be my reminder that all is not out of control, and just by a little tweaking (or a lot, depending on the day), I can begin to get my pain under control. In that link you will find "recipes" to help make homemade hotpacks and coldpacks.

This blog has also opened up a new world to me: Indie Authors! My husband, Jeff Whelan, published his first book, a YA humorous science fiction novel, called Space Orville. Jeff started tweeting to promote his book, and in doing so, mentioned my blog to other indie authors. In the process I met some wonderful indie authors; one of whom, Martha Bourke, has become a good friend. I also had the pleasure to interview Kristie Haigwood whose story was a page turner as well.

I am amazed at how much I have learned throughout this year and how much I have enjoyed blogging. Initially I thought I would blog only about yoga, but as it turns out, we are more than just the sum of our parts. Wouldn't you agree?

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