Saturday, September 17, 2011


In the October 2011, Issue 241, of Yoga Journal, Cyndi Lee talks about vinyasa. From what I understand after reading her article, vinyasa means "a style of yogic sequencing that involves dynamic movements corrdinated with rhythmic breathing." She discusses that although vinyasa yoga appears to be an extremely intense form of yoga, it doesn't have to be. By creating intention with your daily movements and coordinating breath, you can use vinyasa by doing everyday things: getting up from a seated position, walking, doing housework, etc...

I was so happy to read this article, because for years I have been using intention in my movements. What I have found is that I am less clumsy, I stop to think about what I am doing in the current moment, and also choose my words more carefully.

She also discussed that sometimes you will get up, go the kitchen, then forget why you went there. I can sure relate to that. When this happens, I realize that I have lost my focus and my autopilot has engaged. Thank God for autopilot, but being in this state of unawareness, can be frustrating.

It is not always easy to create intention. I find that it takes a lot of work to focus exactly on what I'm doing--especially if I'm tired or just going through the motions. But what I have noticed, is that every opportunity, every movement, every thought can be a vinyasa moment, and when I focus on that moment, I am living in the now. The past is gone, and the future is not here.

Having done yoga for only four years, I am continually stunned at how far I have come. I used to never be flexible, ate more than I needed to, had put-my-foot-in-my-mouth moments way too often, but now my body is more flexible, my attention is better, and I'm more aware of my interactions with the people around me.

Reading Cyndi Lee's article just reaffirms for me that intention and breath can make all the difference. The trick is to remember to do this when I'm not feeling well or tired. Instead of looking at the times I don't do this well, I will find gratitude in the moments when I remember to use intention and breathe--that way, I will channel a more positive attitude and be grateful for what I have now at this very moment.

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