Monday, November 21, 2011

A Day of Miracles

Yesterday started out with the disappointing results of my National Boards. But Spirit had a day of miracles planned. Of course, the first was my beautiful banner created by my two wonderful sons to ease my disappointment of my boards. The second just about blew me away!

My sons had a karate tournament yesterday in the afternoon. I could tell they were both excited and nervous, but my youngest son seemed upset. When I asked him what was bothering him, he said he didn't want to go to the tournament because he would not be in a kumate (sparring) match. I explained that his brother was doing kumate because he has more experience in that area. I let him know that soon he would be ready, and then we would sign him up. He then told me that his brother will get two trophies and he just one. Ahhhhh, the root of the problem: Proof that we are good enough (sounds eerily familiar...sigh...).

His brother came in the room and said, "Come here. I have something to show you." He showed him all the trophies he had received. The first one was a trophy from his grandma because he didn't place in his first tournament. The next two trophies he received were both third place trophies. The last one was a first place trophy.  He then said, "Now come let's look at your trophies." He showed him the two trophies he received. Both first place trophies. He then said to him, "That's because you are better than me." My youngest son held onto that all day, and I just embraced my oldest with all the love in my heart. Wow.

The third miracle happened after the kata competition. My youngest was sitting with me when his sensei came up and asked if he'd like to compete in kumate--one student did not show up, which left another without a kumate partner. He did tell him that he would not receive a trophy because this was just giving the other boy a partner. My son seemed great with that. Well, the senior sensei came over and said to the other sensei, "We have enough trophies that he can earn one, too." My son could have lit up New York City with the excitement.

Spirit was sure with us yesterday. I know that Spirit is always with me (and you), and to witness it first hand is a miracle. Namaste.

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Kathy Tierney said...

Awesome story! You are blessed!