Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Healing Story

It's funny how immersed I can become in my emotions that I can't see the forest for the trees. I have been mourning (hard!) the fact that I have not achieved my National Boards, yet again, and told myself that it means nothing. I and guess in some ways that is true. I had to allow myself time to grieve (BTW, I'm a fast griever!) before I could move forward.

Well, last night I was at my youngest son's karate class and an email from one of my mentors came back to me. She said I'm as close to achieving as one assessment center test. So after I got home, I check the assessment calculator to see what I'd need to get on the one subtest, and it turns out that I only need .2 to achieve. So immediately, I got out my credit card and signed up! I had such a rush of joy. Weird, I know, but my ego really dominates me sometimes.

So, I'm going to study my ass off, take the test, and next November I'm going to find out that I achieved my National Boards! Oh, yes I will!!! I feel it in my bones!

I need to thank my friends and colleagues for allowing me to grieve and not pushing me into taking the test. I needed to find the courage on my own. (Thanks Jen and Lauren!)

All of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Eat lots and be merry!

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