Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Glass Half Empty?

I saw an orthopedist yesterday and he treated me for sub-scapular bursitis. I was really surprised since I assumed it was all a muscle or joint issue. Who knew? He said to me something that really took me back and certainly hit me the wrong way. He told me I need to stop viewing my medical issues with a glass half empty. He said this was probably not the first time I heard this. Well, actually it was. I was shocked. I have always felt that I have a positive attitude toward many things in life. In fact my friends have often told me that they like my positive outlook on life.

But I have decided to look honestly at myself and take every criticism as an opportunity to grow. So I asked my husband if he felt I was a glass-half-empty kind of a person regarding my medical issues. His slow response told me that yes, he too felt that way. I felt betrayed. Hadn’t I always “sucked it up”, “put my best foot forward”, and all that jazz? Then he asked me if I thought anyone could help me with my chronic pain, and truthfully I answered, no. Had anyone been able to get rid of it?

So in essence, I guess I have been a glass-half-empty kind of gal—at least when it involves my pain. So what I plan to do, is to do my best to trust this orthopedist and KNOW he will help me. I guess I’m afraid of being disappointed, yet again…My only option at this moment, is to continue to see my orthopedist and trust that I will be pain free. What do I have to lose? My pain? I hope so.


Kathy Tierney said...

Wow! This is a very difficult idea to accept, especially for a generally positive person! The fact that this doctor ventured out to say what he did was in all likelihood a gift to you. He has probably seen lots and lots of people in chronic pain but somehow felt like you would be open to honesty and that you would actully listen to what he had to say. Believe me, due to their own belief systems, do not care to do the work it takes to make themselves better. He probably sensed that you would be accepting of advice and willing to do the work to change your circumstances, thanks to an open mind!

Amy said...

I know you are right. It did hurt when he said it, but I have to better myself, so any opportunity to do is a gift, tho' a hard one. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, Kathy. You're a love for sure!