Friday, August 19, 2011

Feeling my feelings

The past couple of days have been difficult emotionally. The sadness and mild anger that I'm feeling is uncomfortable at best. I decided to take a look at my feelings as if I were an objective observer.

While I was gardening, I felt the heaviness in my throat and my chest and just acknowledged that it was there. I then focused my breath on those areas to soften the heaviness a bit. This was so very hard to do.

I replayed what was said, how I could have said it differently, and how I should proceed. Part of me wanted (and wants) to get even, but I know in the long run, it will be detrimental to me, not toward the person I want the anger targeted.

Actually, something very good will likely come out of this if I stay in the moment, acknowledge what I'm feeling, and proceed with caution, gratitude, and patience.

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