Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Prime the Pump

I can be going along blindly through my day, when suddenly I take notice and see a similar trend.

Take today for instance: I have been in school meetings all day since Monday. Yesterday I won a $300 gift certificate to order anything I want from a company that is providing our new reading series to the school district (9 people received gift certificates). So this morning, I looked at the 4 people who did not receive gift certificates (that's right only 13 in the class this morning), and asked the gal who was giving the presentation if her saleswoman could give the other 4 people the $300 gift certificate as well. I felt we all put in hard work and since the school districts aren't giving money away for supplies, I felt this company surely could help the other 4 teachers out as well. And guess what? She did! One gal said to me, "You are just so lucky!" Well, yes, I am! I will keep reminding myself of that to keep the positive energies coming!

It's just like priming the pump. Before fuel injection vehicles were made, you needed to press on the accelerator prior to turning on the car so it would start (I'm sure most of you who are reading this already know that!) Or putting that spoonful of food into a toddler's mouth just to get the child to continue eating. Well I think that is the same way with our attitudes!

I was feeling very lucky yesterday, and when the gal called my name that I had won, I felt like I had channeled that luck. If you've read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, then you know about tapping into positive thoughts to bring more positive things in your life! I believe I carried that lucky attitude into today.

I know that when bad things keep happening, it's hard to focus on the positive. But boy, when good things happen, I try as hard as I can to continue to channel the good feelings and thoughts.

So for today I will repeat my mantra "I am abundant, I am abundant, I am abundant!" Abundance be with you all!

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