Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yoga while I work

I am in the process of having my upstairs bathroom refinished. My husband pointed out to me two months ago that the only thing in our bathroom holding up the wall was the wallpaper.

Unfortunately, with times as tight as they are, we had to hire a neighbor to do the work. It's quality work, but having enough money, we could have gutted the bathroom for a whole new look.

This is where I really need my yoga practice. I tend to look at what I want rather than what I already have. So many blessings already exist: my health, my home (built in 1895--albeit a money pit), my husband, and my two boys. My job gives me a sense of satisfaction that I carry with me at work and at home.

Trying to stay in the present and enjoy each moment as it arises is a noble exercise, which I attain for only moments at a time.

Today, while sanding the existing wood work in my bathroom, I focused on just that--getting down to the beautiful wood grain and running my hands over the newly sanded trim. Note to self: wear a face mask--yoga breathing and sanding do not mix!

I also focused on correct postures while sanding. I have to make sure I protect my lower back by engaging my core and pelvic muscles when squatting to sand the baseboard trim.

It never ceases to amaze me that I can get such satisfication from keeping my hands busy. My mind has to be engaged in the work or I may slip and hurt myself. When my hands are busy working, my mind can let go of the worries--maybe I should paint the outside of my house!!! Alas, one thing at a time.

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