Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lovely Blog Award

I was awarded this blog by my wonderful hubby, Jeff Whelan, indie author of Space Orville. So, I have to wonder, is this nepatism? Not sure, but I really am flattered none-the-less. Now, if I understand correctly, I have to share this with 15 or so bloggers and tell 7 things about myself. So here goes:

1. First and foremost I have the most amazing family in the world. My husband is my soul mate and best friend, my two boys complete me more than I can even believe, and I enjoy every moment I have with them.
2. I have a very fulfilling yoga and meditation practice. Without it my body would be screaming in pain, and my mind would be all aflutter!
3. I teach students who are deaf and hard of hearing. I've been doing this for 19 years. I mostly love my job, and try to remember that on difficult days.
4. I absolutely love the outdoors. My favorite things to do outside are camp (tho' tent camping is getting harder the older I get), walk/hike, and garden.
5. I am a Zumba fan! The longer I attend classes, the better my hips obey me!
6. I'm a lover of creative endeavors. I make jewelry, soap (tho' that's been a few years), candles, and any new crafts I happen to come across.
7. I act in community theater (as does Jeff--and my kids in children community theater). I will appear in the play "The Dining Room" this September.

OK, so here are the blogs I enjoy:
1. Jeff Whelan
2. Teach Mentor Texts
3. Good Life Road
4. Obsession with Books
5. All About Lemon
6. Ponderous Things
7. Suzanne Morrison
8. K.S. Haigwood
9. Lynn Hasselberger

Here's the problem: I do not have any more blogs than this! Sorry, but I have to stick to nine. Oh, well, don't  hurt me!!!


K.S. Haigwood said...

So flattered to be included in your world, Amy. Kudos to you, beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation and thank you so much Amy, you're so wonderful to have thought of me with this award and I love your 7 things. You're a beautiful person.
Hugs and kisses to you.

Jen said...

Thanks for the award! Just saw you are going gluten-free! Can't help you much, if it was going vegan I could. :) We went to an awesome Vegan Fest in Madison yesterday. Loved it.

Do you know Carrie Aldrich, the interpreter? I think she might be gluten-free. She lived in Sycamore...I think she still does. April knows her. Maybe she can hook you up?

Amy Whelan said...

I will need all the help I can get! Thanks, Jen!

Kellee said...

Thank you so much for the award! We really appreciate it :)