Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Subtleties of the Breath

Think about it: Our breath is magical, spiritual, recycled, and wonderfully sustaining. If you allow your mind to think of every breath as inhaling all of Mother Earth, there's no stopping us!

When I went to  Rod Stryker conference in Chicago on March 17th, we ended the morning session with Savasana. I experienced my breath in a way that I've never experienced it before. We were told to follow our breath starting from the crown of our head to our belly. And when the pause in between breaths happened, a delightful swirling of air twirled around in my throat and mouth. In my mind's eye, it looked like smoke swirling around a glass container. I had the image of opening my mouth and allowing the breath to meet Spirit, then travel back through the crown of my head to be recycled. With this image, I became supremely relaxed and profoundly peaceful. 

When I am stressed, I try to recapture that breath and allow it to fill my inner spaces and calm my mind and release tension in my muscles. The breath can be homeopathic medicine and magic all in one!

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Crystal Whimsey said...

What a lovely image you have painted with your breath. I'm going to try that at golf, a deep mindful breath may be just the thing I need to improve my swing.