Saturday, June 23, 2012

Witnessing Change as it Happens

It has been two months since I attended my first Zumba class, and I have to say that I noticed today that I did not need to drink as much water during the class as I normally do--I had water left over! I also noticed that my steps to the dance moves became a bit more refined, my muscles a little stronger, and my confidence growing. Each class has been an exercise in pushing my limits. The first few classes I left huffing and puffing thinking, How is this body of 40+ years going to ever get this right? But amazingly (or maybe not so amazingly), I feel myself growing stronger, shining brighter than before.

A friend of mine who comes with me every week made a comment this morning. "How's your pain since you've been gluten free?" And you know what?! I hadn't thought about it all morning! That is a huge change that I missed because you see, my pain wasn't wrecking havoc on my nerves, joints, and muscles! So I didn't draw my attention to it.

Now as I sit here scanning my body, I notice where the pain normally hits, and the areas seem to be tamped down at the moment. Is it the gluten, is it the barometric pressure, is it that my husband, Jeff Whelan, got  wonderful reviews on Amazon for his book Space Orville? Honestly, I really don't care, but I'm glad that I have a good day that will turn into good days or weeks.

And today we will be celebrating our 16th anniversary with my parents. My beautiful boys are excited because Grammy and Papa are treating them to carnival rides all afternoon--as well as treating all of us to pizza afterwards. I am so is a GOOD day! Namaste.

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