Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zumba Shoes

OK, what's all the fuss? I'm in my zumba class and I see lots of people wearing these Zumba Shoes . Are they any better than just plain old sneakers? Does anyone reading this blog have an answer?

I have a pair of Nike Air shoes. I like them because they give me the support I need (I also wear orthodics due to my insanely high arches). BTW, these were a b-day gift from my parents--I would never buy such expensive shoes (except Birks, that is!)

There are a couple of moves which are difficult at best (these young whippersnappers that can move like the wind--sheesh!) where my shoes squeak as I move across the floor, and I can't help but wonder if these shoes prevent that? The only thing I can figure out is that they seem to have a thin sole and the Zumba logo on the side.

I'm not one to part with my money easily. If I could wear my Papillio Sandals to Zumba class I would. My feet only work in Birks!

OK, enough of my rambling...I just wondered if this was just a fashion craze. I leave Zumba class sweaty, my heart pounding, and I feel my endorphins having a hay-day in my body. So do I really need to look like a Zumba Goddess? (My guess is no!)

Have a great weekend! Namaste to all!


Jeremy said...

Amy when it comes to Zumba shoes, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in :) All your classmates who are wearing those Z1 shoes may either a) want some shoes to dance in or b) following the crowd.

I have an in-depth site on zumba shoes and the main thing that I tell everyone is that they should wear whatever shoes they are comfortable in. There are some advantages with the dance sneaker, but at the end of the day, if you can dance in the shoes that you have and they are comfortable, then you are good to go.

Amy Whelan said...

Thanks, Jeremy! That's what I figured, and really, I'm not sure I'd move any better in them anyway!