Sunday, June 24, 2012

Videos to Improve Balance and Strength

In my last post, Witnessing Change as it Happens,  I touched upon confidence when doing Zumba and other forms of exercise. I have started to take the plunge (hopefully not a face plant!) by practicing arm balances. I remember the first arm balance I ever saw was on the cover of Yoga Journal magazine. It seemed like the most impossible thing I had ever seen. In the magazine, there was this article about arm balances made easy. I was completely mesmerized by the beautiful woman, photographed by Katrine Naleid, who seemed to effortlessly fly into the air. The article talked about relaxing! into the pose. I could only shake my head in awe.

Years later, I am finally able to look at different asanas and see them for what they are. What has changed is my mind, my body yes, but first and foremost, it has definitely been my mind. So today, I really started to try the crow pose. I found it embedded in this video featuring Kathryn Budig. I was amazed at the detailed and slow pace that she instructed her model to move within each posture. It was breathtakingly beautiful. So after really paying close attention to body positioning and precision, I actually floated up into the crow pose! WAAAAAHHHH! OK, so as not to mislead anyone--I held it for a 1/2 second. BUT, it's a start. And true to what Yoga Journal said, it really is all about relaxation. Once I let go, I floated up, but then my lovely ego took over, and I had to sit back. So I am so glad that this pose isn't as daunting as I had initially thought!

This is another great yoga sequence, featuring  Kino MacGregor, in which she teaches us how to build strength to hold arm balances. I had briefly seen videos featuring Kino before, but never really took the time to WATCH! She is a very graceful yogini who has so much knowledge that I can't wait to learn more from. I hope you get a chance to look at these videos. They are really impressive! Namaste.

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